How doctors can manage wellbeing

doctors manage well-being

Managing your wellbeing is important for any professional, but especially General Practitioners.

That has never been more the case than in the wake of the Covid pandemic which has tested the mental resolve of everyone.

And our overworked medical professionals have been on the front line of it all.

The long hard slog of lockdowns and other Covid rules as well as protecting our own health has taken its toll on many personal relationships and permeated into mental stress worldwide.

The fallout can impact our own performance and the results we deliver for our patients.

Incredibly, as many as 50% of doctors have reported some degree of burnout.

But there are some steps you can put in place to safeguard your wellbeing.

What doctors can do to support wellbeing

Recognise the signs and slow down – No-one knows you better than you. And you’re a doctor so it’s time to self-diagnose and start helping yourself. If you are constantly feeling exhausted, lacking motivation or feeling like you are unable to cope, you need to take action. As you know, physical signs such as headaches, nausea or upset stomachs are also an indication you are going to crash.

Take a break – Schedule a regular break in your day to put your feet up and enjoy the silence. Turn your phone off and block calls from reception to take that quick nap. Maybe go for a walk and get some fresh air or try something else that can help you unwind.

Talk with confidantes – We all need someone to talk to when things are getting on top of us, be it a partner, a peer or trusted friends. A problem shared is a problem halved.

Delegate – Most doctors are frustrated by the paperwork that gets in the way of what they enjoy doing with some reporting up to two lost hours per day on the computer. Think about whether you can delegate some of these tasks to others in the office to make your work day more purposeful and fulfilling.

Be flexible – More and more patients are seeking appointments outside of regular hours but this can work to your advantage. Working a little longer on one or many days will free up time elsewhere in the week to wind down. This may involve virtual visits which can be done from home.

Keep learning and improving – Surprisingly, one of the biggest causes of burnout is boredom but it doesn’t have to be that way. Get out of the daily routine by upskilling and working on professional development to advance your career.

Help at home – The thought of coming home to a list of chores after a long day at work can be unbearable. Try to streamline jobs to make the home run more smoothly with regular schedules of what needs to be done. It may be doing the ironing at a particular time each week or setting the dishwasher off before bed every night. If you and your partner are still struggling to keep the house in shape, consider paying for a regular professional cleaner.

Prioritise play – Fun … remember that?! As kids, our lives used to revolve around fun but as responsibilities increase most people forget to pursue joy in their lives. Carving out time each week to do the things that make you happy, and spend time with the people you love, is essential … and should be treated as important, if not more so, than the many other items on your to-do list. Prioritise play and watch your wellbeing improve.

Want to join a practice that supports your wellbeing?

The wellbeing of our doctors and indeed all of our staff is a huge priority at AHA.

That’s why we have an elite team on hand to help and support our General Practitioners, whatever they need.

We are located in the heart of Adelaide’s southern beaches at Seaford where you can reduce mental fatigue by enjoying the beautiful coast lifestyle.

We offer flexible hours so the work-life balance you crave is yours for the taking, while our purpose built state-of-the-art facilities will make coming to work a joy.

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Why medical practice culture is key for doctors

A great culture is one of the key platforms for any business and absolutely imperative for a medical practice.

Bad vibes quickly reverberate through the walls of a clinic into the waiting room where patients will sense the mood. It can permeate in the form of negativity, lack of engagement or dissatisfaction at work.

Medical practices are challenging environments, often with pressure and significant demands, and while most doctors and staff expect that on some level, balance, wellbeing, growth and camaraderie must be prioritised.


How to create a great culture

There are some basic principles we follow to ensure our medical practices boast a superior culture engaging both their employees and patients and reaping the rewards that flow.

Here’s some key factors:

Trusted management – Here at AHA we work hard to cultivate relationships with our people. Our management team works hard to support the morale of our employees and lead by example, showing respect for everyone that works for and visits the clinics.

Great people – Great people make a great business and we take enormous care in recruiting not just talented doctors and staff but also quality individuals whose goals and virtues align with ours.

Values and purpose – At AHA, we aren’t simply a medical practice but strive to make a real difference to people’s lives. Our patients are priority and it is equally as important they understand that.

Communication – It’s critical everyone at AHA is on the same page and striving to achieve the same goals. We understand the importance of communication, whether that be face to face, online or electronic. Ensuring no-one is feeling left out of the loop is paramount to workplace harmony.

Feedback – Transparency is vital for any successful medical practice. Providing honest feedback, be it positive or even occasionally negative builds trust and mutual respect. It also ensures everyone is aware of how well they are performing or what needs to be improved. Sometimes, just a pat on the back is enough.

Recognition – Our positive feedback often translates into reward and recognition. Here at AHA, we think great work should be congratulated and celebrated. It’s the little things like this that put the pep in our employees’ steps and keeps them looking forward to the day ahead. We are continuing to work on this.

Reward – The medical profession is a competitive one but we like to think we provide our employees with the opportunity to make working at AHA a lucrative one. With uncapped earning potential, a full list of appointments guaranteed every day, an incredible practice by the beach and a great lifestyle, we think AHA has plenty to offer!


Are you a doctor looking for a sea change?

Are you looking for a fresh start in a practice with a great culture that supports you both professionally and personally?

Life-changing opportunities for General Practitioners are there for the taking at AHA.

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Our purpose built state-of-the-art facilities make coming to work here a joy.

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Seaford Meadows Clinic gets the thumbs up from patients

what doctors need to thrive at work

Seaford Meadows Day and Night Clinic has achieved a fantastic result from an industry survey with 92% of patient respondents giving the busy practice a positive rating.

It’s an incredible outcome given the enormous area and number of patients the clinic serves.

Seaford Meadows and its sister clinic at nearby Seaford Road take care of more than 30,000 people in and around the Seaford area.

The results are even more impressive given this has been the most challenging period that modern health care has ever faced.

It is a significant tick of approval from the local community and AHA Chairman John McMahon said he couldn’t be happier.

“We all know how difficult these last two years have been for everyone, especially those in the medical profession,” he said.

“I couldn’t be more proud of all the doctors and staff at both our clinics for looking after the people of Seaford in what has been some of the toughest of times.”


Striving for excellence

The CFEP (Client Focussed Evaluation Program) surveys are a requirement as part of AHA’s accreditation process. They are trusted markers taken very seriously within the healthcare sector.

Conducted every three years, the surveys are independently verified to ensure their validity and authenticity.

The results showed that 39% of patients thought the service they received at Seaford Meadows was “excellent” and another 31% rated it as “very good”. That’s a 70% rating indicating superior service at the Prow Drive clinic. A further 22% said the clinic was “good”, bringing the total positive feedback score to 92%.

It comes at a time when both clinics were under enormous stress with the additional safety measures required to cope with Covid-19.

Staff also battled much bigger workloads owing to the administrative requirements that accompanied it.

Yet to their enormous credit, the highest markers reported in the survey were the respect shown towards patients, treatment by staff and confidence in doctors’ abilities.

The patients themselves tell the story.

“This doctors’ office is great,” Heidi said.

“The staff are really friendly, the doctors run on time and the receptionists make a real effort to get you on the wait list to see a doctor that day if needed.”

Doctors too say they couldn’t be happier working at AHA.

“This is an amazing clinic,” said Dr Karamat Khan.

“I’ve got a broad base of patients here, young families, young children and elderly patients coming to see me.”


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Interested in working with AHA?

AHA provides incredible opportunities for General Practitioners to love their lives again. More than just money, the professional development and lifestyle opportunities are rare.

If you’re a doctor and want to know if AHA could be a good fit for you, we’d love to hear from you. Find out more about opportunities for General Practitioners.

Seaford Road Clinic achieves 95% patient satisfaction

medical students partnership Flinders University

Seaford Road Day and Night Clinic has proven to be highly rated by its Seaford community of patients.

An incredible 95% of patient respondents at the busy clinic have given their experience a big tick of approval in an independently verified CFEP (Client Focussed Evaluation Program) survey.

It is strong validation for the clinic’s patient-first approach and the hard work of its doctors and support staff.

Australia Health Alliance (AHA) operates the clinic and its sister site at Seaford Meadows in the heart of Adelaide’s southern beaches.


A top medical clinic in Seaford, Adelaide’s south

The CFEP survey, which is a required part of the clinic’s accreditation process, was launched during the pandemic when public anxiety was at its peak.

An impressive 43% of patients rated the practice as “excellent” while another 32% thought it was “very good”. That’s a total of 75% or three in four patients rating the experience of visiting the Seaford Road clinic and its service as well above average. While a further 20% rated it as “good”, bringing the overall approval rating to 95%.

The figures come after one of the most stressful periods on the planet for everyone involved in the health care industry.

They also arrive despite an enormous volume of appointments and stands as proof of AHA’s credibility, for patients as well as the top class doctors and staff who choose to work with AHA.


Meeting the markers

A deeper dive into the figures showed the Seaford Road clinic is hitting the desired standards right across the spectrum.

Respect shown towards patients and staff keeping patient information private were the highest markers reported in the survey.

While treatment by staff, confidence in doctors’ abilities, recommendations and doctors’ listening skills were also rated exceptionally well.


Positive feedback

The CFEP surveys are conducted every three years and AHA couldn’t be happier with the outstanding feedback.

“The last two years have presented everyone in health care with enormous challenges,” AHA Chairman John McMahon said.

“I am absolutely delighted with the way our teams at both Seaford clinics have responded and this endorsement is an absolute credit to each and every one of them.”

Patients too are rich in their praise for the clinic.

“They have been so good to me,” Hamish said. “The doctor has sorted my health problem and I’m on the road to recovery. They have helped guide me all the way.”

AHA staff are proud to be part of an excellent team, especially the doctors.

“I was fully supported in every way possible,” said Dr Revan Mendis.

“Importantly during the tough times faced by many GP practices in the pandemic, AHA was able to adapt promptly and function with hardly any setbacks. It has been a privilege to be part of AHA and serve our community.”


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Interested in working with AHA?

AHA provides incredible opportunities for General Practitioners to love their lives again. More than just money, the professional development and lifestyle opportunities are rare.

If you’re a doctor and want to know if AHA could be a good fit for you, we’d love to hear from you. Find out more about opportunities for General Practitioners.