Are you looking for a great doctor in Adelaide’s southern suburbs? Here’s what to look for in your General Practitioner.

It sounds obvious, but your doctor should have all of the required qualifications and working rights to be able to practice. Don’t feel silly asking the question. This is of utmost importance and your doctor should be adhering to the highest industry standards

How much experience does the doctor have? How long have they been practicing and do they have specific experience in the areas where you believe you’ll need the most support? For example, women’s health or paediatric care for young families.

Communication is incredibly important in health care. Your doctor should be able to talk to you about your health in a way that is easy to understand. You should come away from your appointment with certainty about the next steps.

We don’t just want medical outcomes, we want to know that our doctor really understands us and what we’re going through. Your doctor should be empathetic to your situation and needs.

Top facilities are a priority for good doctors. If a doctor is ok with working in a tired, unsuitable clinic, or has a disorganised consulting space, you should rightly be concerned about the quality of care you could receive.

A good doctor is working for more than a good paycheck. They should really care about helping every one of their patients and making a positive impact on their community. You can often pick up on a doctor’s passion and motivation from your first meeting.

AHA has excellent, experienced and highly qualified General Practitioners available at our Seaford Rd and Seaford Meadows clinics.