Seaford Road Day and Night Clinic has proven to be highly rated by its Seaford community of patients.

An incredible 95% of patient respondents at the busy clinic have given their experience a big tick of approval in an independently verified CFEP (Client Focussed Evaluation Program) survey.

It is strong validation for the clinic’s patient-first approach and the hard work of its doctors and support staff.

Australia Health Alliance (AHA) operates the clinic and its sister site at Seaford Meadows in the heart of Adelaide’s southern beaches.


A top medical clinic in Seaford, Adelaide’s south

The CFEP survey, which is a required part of the clinic’s accreditation process, was launched during the pandemic when public anxiety was at its peak.

An impressive 43% of patients rated the practice as “excellent” while another 32% thought it was “very good”. That’s a total of 75% or three in four patients rating the experience of visiting the Seaford Road clinic and its service as well above average. While a further 20% rated it as “good”, bringing the overall approval rating to 95%.

The figures come after one of the most stressful periods on the planet for everyone involved in the health care industry.

They also arrive despite an enormous volume of appointments and stands as proof of AHA’s credibility, for patients as well as the top class doctors and staff who choose to work with AHA.


Meeting the markers

A deeper dive into the figures showed the Seaford Road clinic is hitting the desired standards right across the spectrum.

Respect shown towards patients and staff keeping patient information private were the highest markers reported in the survey.

While treatment by staff, confidence in doctors’ abilities, recommendations and doctors’ listening skills were also rated exceptionally well.


Positive feedback

The CFEP surveys are conducted every three years and AHA couldn’t be happier with the outstanding feedback.

“The last two years have presented everyone in health care with enormous challenges,” AHA Chairman John McMahon said.

“I am absolutely delighted with the way our teams at both Seaford clinics have responded and this endorsement is an absolute credit to each and every one of them.”

Patients too are rich in their praise for the clinic.

“They have been so good to me,” Hamish said. “The doctor has sorted my health problem and I’m on the road to recovery. They have helped guide me all the way.”

AHA staff are proud to be part of an excellent team, especially the doctors.

“I was fully supported in every way possible,” said Dr Revan Mendis.

“Importantly during the tough times faced by many GP practices in the pandemic, AHA was able to adapt promptly and function with hardly any setbacks. It has been a privilege to be part of AHA and serve our community.”


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