Seaford Meadows Day and Night Clinic has achieved a fantastic result from an industry survey with 92% of patient respondents giving the busy practice a positive rating.

It’s an incredible outcome given the enormous area and number of patients the clinic serves.

Seaford Meadows and its sister clinic at nearby Seaford Road take care of more than 30,000 people in and around the Seaford area.

The results are even more impressive given this has been the most challenging period that modern health care has ever faced.

It is a significant tick of approval from the local community and AHA Chairman John McMahon said he couldn’t be happier.

“We all know how difficult these last two years have been for everyone, especially those in the medical profession,” he said.

“I couldn’t be more proud of all the doctors and staff at both our clinics for looking after the people of Seaford in what has been some of the toughest of times.”


Striving for excellence

The CFEP (Client Focussed Evaluation Program) surveys are a requirement as part of AHA’s accreditation process. They are trusted markers taken very seriously within the healthcare sector.

Conducted every three years, the surveys are independently verified to ensure their validity and authenticity.

The results showed that 39% of patients thought the service they received at Seaford Meadows was “excellent” and another 31% rated it as “very good”. That’s a 70% rating indicating superior service at the Prow Drive clinic. A further 22% said the clinic was “good”, bringing the total positive feedback score to 92%.

It comes at a time when both clinics were under enormous stress with the additional safety measures required to cope with Covid-19.

Staff also battled much bigger workloads owing to the administrative requirements that accompanied it.

Yet to their enormous credit, the highest markers reported in the survey were the respect shown towards patients, treatment by staff and confidence in doctors’ abilities.

The patients themselves tell the story.

“This doctors’ office is great,” Heidi said.

“The staff are really friendly, the doctors run on time and the receptionists make a real effort to get you on the wait list to see a doctor that day if needed.”

Doctors too say they couldn’t be happier working at AHA.

“This is an amazing clinic,” said Dr Karamat Khan.

“I’ve got a broad base of patients here, young families, young children and elderly patients coming to see me.”


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