The job market was already changing across many industries when COVID struck in 2020.

It resulted in people tasting working from home and subsequently re-evaluating what was important to them.

The result is a workforce more transient than ever before.

And it now includes more millennials who are proven to be less likely to persist in a job where they are dissatisfied.

The pandemic has many doctors reassessing their wants and needs too.

At its peak, it took a tremendous toll on the stress levels and workloads of medical professionals.

Many of them are now considering a new job move and making a fresh start elsewhere.

Here’s what doctors are looking for when they consider a new opportunity.

Work/life balance

It’s become one of the real buzzwords of the 21st century.

Everybody wants it and achieving work/life balance often demands switching roles or workplaces.

Like so many others these days, healthcare is a business that runs 24/7.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities to manage your own time better and achieve what you are looking for.

That is one of the great advantages of working at AHA Clinics.

You have the chance to tailor your working week the way you choose.

If you want more flexibility for family and personal health, you have options.

The best thing about joining our Seaford clinics is that you’ll be as busy as you want. You’ll have a full list of patients from your first day on the job, so if you’re looking to build wealth and grow your career there’s no better place.

Flexibility for annual and personal leave

This is a big part of work/life balance.

Doctors work long hours that can take a tremendous physical and mental toll.

That’s why time off is so important.

Sometimes it’s a well-planned trip to Bali, a few days at the beach house or just a personal day to recharge the batteries.

The importance of working with doctors to ensure they are granted adequate and appropriate leave can’t be underestimated.

It is always critical to enquire about the policies of any potential new workplace before you join them.

Some offer a fairly relaxed approach to booking leave while others are more rigid.

Support and Assistance

The pandemic demanded some doctors on the front line work dangerously long shifts.

This had to put the levels of care they were able to offer at risk.

Anyone who has worked too long in a day, often without a break, cannot possibly reach the professional standards required.

Doctors face burnout when denied the support and assistance they need in these circumstances.

It’s important to ask questions about rostering when seeking a new job to learn whether a practice’s demands match your requirements.

Good management

Many doctors escaping one practice for another have experienced poor management.

Doctors want to join a practice that is extremely well organised, has modern and efficient systems, a great support team and initiatives to allow doctors to focus on what they do best – looking after their patients.

Relationships with staff and colleagues

No-one likes to work at an unhappy office.

A long, taxing day can be challenging enough without bad vibes between colleagues.

It strikes at the very heart of workplace culture.

Good communication between doctors and support staff is paramount to a positive workplace environment.

Harmony is infectious and a team that works well together can’t help but foster greater confidence from their patients which inevitably produces better outcomes.


Location is another factor considered highly by doctors seeking new employment.

In an era where more people are beginning to prioritise lifestyle, what could be better than working just minutes from the spectacular southern beaches in Adelaide?

Here at Seaford, you can swing into wind-down mode just moments after clocking off, rather than being stuck in the city’s peak-hour traffic jams.

You can even take advantage of the sun, fresh air and cafe lifestyle during your working day!

Apply now to work at AHA

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Our purpose built, state-of-the-art facilities make coming to work here a pleasure.

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