The digital age moves so rapidly that becoming a tech savvy doctor and keeping up with the latest apps and software can seem like a full-time job.

That notion is as true in the medical profession as anywhere.

Rising overheads and inflation are eating away at doctors’ earnings and the implementation and embracing of digital systems may look like an expenditure that can’t be justified and may even trigger feelings of being thoroughly overwhelmed.

Many people find change confronting.

But by keeping an open mind and exploring the possibilities, you can remain highly relevant in an ever-changing world.

Refusing to do so could impact your career as technology accelerates past you.

The digital age for doctors

The rise of videoconferencing technologies and capabilities advanced quickly during the pandemic.

People were “zooming” everywhere and this was mirrored with the advancement of telehealth platforms in the medical profession.

It was born out of necessity and everyone had to learn on the fly. Sometimes it’s the best way.

But as the pandemic subsides, it is just as important to keep abreast of available and new technologies.

As doctors become increasingly busy, productivity and efficiency is more important than ever and the right solutions can actually save you time and money.

Digital healthcare, electronic health records (EHR), electronic prescriptions and cloud-based systems are becoming standard practice for more and more surgeries and will help you meet rising patient expectations.

Here are some ways you can become tech savvy in the rising digital tide.

Remaining open-minded

Learning how to maximise the benefits of new platforms and software takes time and that can be a big investment for anyone.

But instead of referring to a default position of “No”, try to adjust your perspective when it comes to new systems.

It is as easy as remaining open-minded and considering the benefits of embracing new technology as well as the costs of refusing to do so.

Your professional future may depend on it.

Investigating the possibility

Try before you buy in.

There are plenty of ways you will be able to explore the functionally of new systems before you adopt them.

  • Go online and read about the software
  • Watch tutorials on YouTube about how it works
  • Talk to other doctors who use the same or similar software

Simply by exploring new platforms rather than dismissing them out of hand, you give yourself a chance to realise the potential that new technologies can offer.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Everyone needs help to fly new software well and it’s only natural there will be a few hiccups along the way.

Don’t be too proud to sing out for help when you get stuck.

There will always be someone more tech savvy than you in the office who will only be too happy to lend some assistance.

You may have your own tech support person on hand or if you have purchased a new platform, someone you can call when things aren’t going smoothly.

Advance your career at AHA

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