AHA has updated its billing policy to better reflect the extensive services offered at AHA Seaford Road and AHA Seaford Meadows. 

Changes for recall appointments

Recall appointments are no longer available for bulk billing and are now priced the same as other appointments at AHA, with a co-payment required.

This change has been made in response to the evolving needs of patients and doctors. Recall appointments involve significant planning, briefing and administration from doctors, and are often more time consuming than standard appointments.

For more details on billing and pricing at AHA, click here.

Skin checks

For a full body skin check and assessment, a co-payment of $50 is now required. As is AHA’s usual process, patients will be required to pay for the full consult including the $50 gap before being reimbursed by Medicare. 

These billing changes will commence from Monday 3 October 2022. 

As always, the team at AHA is grateful for your understanding and support as we continue to provide first class, affordable healthcare, every day. 
For any questions or concerns, please email feedback@ahaclinics.com.au