Doctors have been challenged like no other profession through the pandemic years.

Now, as we emerge from the haze, it is worthwhile considering how we can return to some semblance of normal and not just survive but thrive again.

The basic principles haven’t changed but may have been forgotten through the stresses of the times.

Here are some things doctors should do to not just thrive at work but also satisfy themselves personally.

Look after yourself

You can’t help anyone else if you don’t help yourself.

This is so important, especially for workaholics who become bored easily in their down time.

Your own health from both a physical and mental perspective should be your number one priority.

Eat well, drink enough water, exercise enough, get enough sleep and don’t party too hard.

Try to observe all the good advice you preach to your patients.

De-stress whenever and wherever possible in any way that works for you.

Try meditation, physical activity, sport, reading or just chilling with friends – whatever works.

Find time for family and friends and do whatever makes you happy to get the most out of your leisure time.

Work-life balance

It’s almost become a hackneyed ideal of the last decade.

A lot of people talk about it but how many actually achieve it?

You’ll be one of the lucky ones if you’re working at AHA Clinics where we place a high priority on just that.

We’ll work with you to find a schedule that suits you.

That’s because we realise happy and healthy doctors are our greatest asset.

Whether it’s a four-day week or regular flexibility to fit in other commitments, we’ll find a balance that works for your life.

Sometimes you’ll need that balance just to escape the hustle and bustle of a hectic day and really thrive at work. 

There’s always a room on hand or an outside space with a fresh sea breeze at Seaford.

You can always take time out to recharge your batteries while on the clock.

Career support

At AHA Clinics, we are fully invested in the careers of our doctors and staff.

Whether you are a young doctor starting out or an experienced GP looking to re-energise your career, we put key elements in place to support you, inspire you and help you to thrive at work. These include:

Support network – Our practice management and administration staff are on deck to help you focus on what really matters – your patients. You’ll meet like-minded colleagues who understand you and can help you through whatever challenges you might face. And if we’re struggling to solve your problems internally, we’ll find people who can support you outside of work.

Educational programs – It’s true that if you stop educating yourself in the health industry, you’ll quickly be left behind. Let AHA Clinics keep you at the very cutting edge of medicine and technology by giving you access to the very latest education that you need.

Career advancement –  Maybe you want to branch out in a new direction in the field. If you are looking to embrace new challenges and grow as a medical practitioner, we can help with that too. At AHA Clinics, we love helping our doctors widen their skill sets.

Impact – Work somewhere where you are really making a difference. Seaford is a rapidly expanding region in the south of Adelaide, full of young families and a mix of people young and old. At AHA Clinics, you’ll be part of a team, working in an environment where you know you are changing lives.

Mentoring – One of the ways we have built such a trusted, valued and close-knit group here at AHA Clinics is by facilitating mentoring. It allows doctors of all ages to have someone to talk to and trust in, whether it be a professional or personal matter. And it works both ways! Taking on the responsibility of mentoring another is a very rewarding experience and offers enormous potential for personal growth.


Our website can only show you so much.

You will be wide-eyed with when you visit AHA Clinics at either Seaford or Seaford Meadows.

While many doctors spend far too much of their day in crammed into stuffy, windowless rooms, at AHA our clinics are bathed in healing, natural light.

It instantly lifts the moods of our doctors and patients alike.

You’ll have all the latest gadgets at your disposal and the flexibility to work on your time.

You’ll wonder why you didn’t make the move years earlier!

Find out more about working at AHA

AHA Clinics is one of Adelaide’s destination medical practices.

Doctors young and old are drawn from far and wide to our purpose built, state-of-the-art facilities.

They utilise natural light and make coming to work here not just a joy but fun.

When they arrive, they soon learn about the great pride we take in our fantastic culture.

It supports and inspires doctors of all ages both professionally and personally. 

We also place a high priority on work-life balance and offer variable hours to suit everyone’s lifestyle.

If you want to thrive at work and have been looking for the right environment for that fresh start, you need look no further.

You could work a busy morning shift and be relaxing on the beach by early afternoon or grabbing a bite to eat in one of Seaford’s vibrant cafes.

If you’ve been thinking about a sea change, come down at take a look for yourself.

And if you’d like, we can put you in touch with one of our doctors who will be only too happy to answer all of your questions about working here  – don’t take our word for it!

There are some outstanding opportunities for doctors at our two clinics at Seaford and Seaford Meadows.

If we’ve taken your interest, we’d love to hear from you.

You can learn more about our practice and register your interest here or email

Our AHA leadership team will contact you soon to arrange an informal discussion.