Moving across the world for a job can be one of the most exciting things in a doctor’s career. But it can also be one of the most stressful!

That’s why a little research and forward planning is critical to making the move a successful one.

The real key to making any job relocation run smoothly is to ensure you are moving to a clinic that supports you every step of the way.

It’s the little things that sometimes make the biggest difference.

A practice that does some of that heavy lifting for you makes you feel valued before you have even arrived.

Here’s a checklist of relocation tips for doctors considering the big move.

Doctor relocation tip 1: Review your exit clauses

Firstly, make sure you check any clinical or contractual obligations you may have with your current employer.

This includes any restrictions or non-compete clauses which would prevent you from practising in another location for a specified period after you resign.

It’s also worthwhile knowing what long-service rewards or other incentives you are forfeiting by leaving.

Doctor relocation tip 2: Research your new home

It’s not enough to just decide, “I’m moving to Australia!”

You need some solid information about the state, city and local area on your radar.

Jump online and explore things like:

  • Job market for doctors 
  • Cost of living
  • Availability and affordability of housing
  • Quality of local schools
  • Lifestyle 
  • Climate
  • Transport

Doctor relocation tip 3: Search for a new position

Did you know there is a GP shortage in Australia?

If you have an intention to move but haven’t yet had a solid offer of work, get proactive, and start researching your options.

Remember, it’s not just about the money on paper. From a financial perspective, you need to think about what you actually take home – will you have a full list of appointments from day 1? How much will cost of living eat in to your earnings? And more.

If you’re relocating, you’re likely doing it for reasons other than the cash. Think about the type of role you are seeking, career advancement opportunities, the environment you want to work in and the lifestyle that you want.

Weigh up every opportunity based on these factors, and the things that are most important to you.

Doctor relocation tip 4: Contact the local medical board

You’ll need to be sure you will be licenced and approved to practise medicine in your new country and state.

This is where your new clinic should be able to assist you, to ensure you are ticking all the right boxes and following the correct processes.

If you don’t yet have a clinic helping you on the journey, contacting the local medical board is a great way to understand all of the requirements and expectations, and get the guidance you need.

Doctor relocation tip 5: Take care of relevant paperwork

There is usually a lot of other paperwork that needs to be sorted when doctors move overseas.

Don’t forget to check visa requirements and make sure your passport is up to date. 

This includes the transfer of medical records but will also involve changing your address, applying for a new drivers’ licence in your new country and registering to vote.

Again, a good practice manager at your new clinic will be able to guide you.

Doctor relocation tip 6: Tie up loose ends

You’ll need to notify your patients and colleagues of your decision.

Ensure you give them plenty of notice – your patients will need to find a new doctor which may cause stress for some of them.

Help them in any way you can to ensure a smooth transition of care. Leave a forwarding contact for your old practice and colleagues.

Good communication will help you go out on a high.

Doctor relocation tip 7: Hire a relocation service

When it’s time to pull the trigger, hiring a relocation service will help make the move so much easier.

They can do everything from helping you find temporary or permanent accommodation, to organising utilities, mobile phones and internet services.

Some clinics will also help guide their new doctors by connecting them with a trusted service provider.

Doctor relocation tip 8: Don’t forget insurance

It goes without saying that insurance is something you need, both from a professional and personal perspective.

So consider taking out health insurance and any other required insurances to make sure you are safeguarded in case any issues arise.

Some clinics, including AHA, have a trusted insurance partner to help facilitate this for newly arriving GPs.

Doctor relocation tip 9: Draw up a budget

It makes good sense to budget for your move to help you keep your balance sheets in order.

Moving overseas can be an expensive outlay with costs such as packing, transportation and temporary accomodation.

But with some forward planning, you can help guard against frivolous spending and ensure you are getting value for money for the services you need.

At AHA, we go a step further and link newly arrived GPs with a financial planner to help them get set up for wealth creation as soon as possible.

Doctor relocation tip 10: Relax and enjoy

Once you’ve arrived at your new destination, take time to settle in and enjoy your new surroundings.

Breathe the clean air.

Don’t do too much too soon.

Explore your new home by foot, talk to the locals and allow yourself to become immersed in your new community.

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Relocation is a huge decision for anyone and none more so than doctors. But a little planning can go a long way toward making the transition so much smoother.

So too can choosing a practice that actively invests in overseas doctors and supports them every step of the way to ensure they make a success of their career in their new country.

At AHA Clinics, we work closely with GPs moving to Australia by offering them personal support, access to our real estate partners, guidance with insurance, free use of a car on arrival and so much more.

Our two clinics are situated at Seaford Road and Seaford Meadows in the heart of Adelaide’s glorious southern beaches.

Adelaide was rated Australia’s most liveable city in 2021 and the third-most liveable city in the world, according to The Economist Intelligence Unit Global Liveability Index.

While Seaford offers a relaxed lifestyle, with the sun, surf and cafe culture at your doorstep, just 40 minutes from the CBD.

If you’re looking for the buzz of a modern city but with the tranquility country life offers, you have come to the right place!

The rest is up to you.

At AHA Clinics, you’ll be able to work as many or as few hours as you like to support the lifestyle you desire.

Be assured of starting your new career busy … we have a community of more than 30,000 patients!

Our purpose built, state-of-the-art facilities utilise natural light and make coming to work here a delight.

If this sounds attractive to you, please get in touch.

We’d love to help you anyway we can.

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