“Good health” is a popular toast and there is arguably no more valuable commodity.

That’s because without it, there can be no great quality of life.

The best ways to achieve and maintain good health are by:

  • eating well
  • exercising regularly
  • maintaining a healthy weight
  • restricting your alcohol intake
  • avoiding smoking and drug use
  • employing a health management professional

A “health management professional” is just a fancy term for a General Practitioner, your good local doctor.

You employ professionals to take care of many other aspects of your life, be it a lawyer, accountant or real estate agent.

So why wouldn’t you employ one to monitor your most precious asset?

Here’s how regular visits to your doctor for health checks give you the best chance of staying healthy, allowing you to enjoy a superior quality of life.

Prevention and early detection of disease

Everyone knows prevention is better than cure.

Your doctor will always offer you sage advice on great health practices that give you the best possible chance of reaching old age with a real quality of life.

But sometimes despite regular health checks, disease strikes.

That’s when early detection is paramount and regular visits to your doctor are the best way of achieving that.

Your doctor will analyse your medical history and may suggest regular exams and screenings to detect serious problems like cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure.

They can also check for nasty skin cancers that have the ability to go rogue.

Early intervention gives you the best chance of successful treatment, preventing future complications and preserving your quality of life.

Chronic disease management

Talking to your doctor about your family history is crucial in preventing or delaying the onset of chronic disease.

Your doctor may prescribe preventative medicines to ward off or delay the onset of such conditions.

But there are times our genetics let us down, despite our best efforts to remain healthy.

Working closely with your GP can help minimise the impact of chronic conditions like heart disease, asthma and diabetes.

Your doctor can advise you on how to best look after yourself including treatments, medication schedules and lifestyle modifications to delay the advancements of disease.

Personalised healthcare plans

Even if you are fit and disease free, your doctor can help you develop a tailored personalised healthcare plan to keep you that way, regardless of your age.

They will talk to you about your lifestyle, family history and associated risk factors.

They can draw up a road map which may include recommended vaccinations, suggested improvements to your diet and the importance of good nutrition, vitamin supplements and exercise routines.

Staying true to these plans can give you a sense of satisfaction as you work at staying healthy and getting the best out of your life.

Mental health support

One in four people will struggle with their mental health at some stage in their life, even if only briefly.

If you find yourself suffering feelings of depression, anxiety, sadness or stress, you should seek help and advice from your GP.

Doctors are trained to be good listeners and sometimes just talking about your problems and concerns can be therapeutic.

Your doctor will assess your overall mental state and wellbeing and may recommend private counselling or refer you to specialists who can further assist with your recovery.

A healthy mind is one of the most important factors towards enjoying a healthy quality of life.

A trusted confidante

Sometimes you may not be suffering any mental health issues, but you still need someone trusted to talk with.

It might be about your relationship or a situation at work.

That’s where your GP can act as a trusted confidante.

It’s why it’s so important to find a doctor with whom you can build a long and trusting relationship.

The doctor-patient relationship is sacred and one of absolute confidentiality.

Whether you have health concerns or problems in your private life, a chat with your GP can significantly help to ease your burden.

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Regular health checks really are the best way to maximise not just your quality but quantity of life.

It’s about getting on the front foot and investing in your health in the most proactive way.

You will benefit from prevention strategies and early detection of disease, management of existing diseases, healthcare education, plans and advice.

And you’ll always have someone you can trust to talk to, whether you are facing serious mental health issues or just need a spot of advice.

At AHA Clinics, our highly-trained doctors will ask you some basic questions about your family history.

They will talk with you about your health management, suggest implementation of some appropriate strategies and recommend any follow up diagnostic tests that should be undertaken.

Remember, regular visits to your doctor should become more frequent as you advance in years.

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