MyMedicare is a new initiative from the Australian government, designed to improve the continuity of primary healthcare for all Australians.

It seeks to do this by improving funding models for doctors and patients who have registered their formal relationship.

Most people have a preferred GP they like to see – a doctor they trust and have built a strong relationship with, often over many years.

These kind of relationships are important in healthcare because they foster open and honest communication and tend to lead to better outcomes for patients.

The Commonwealth wants to encourage these relationships by providing incentives for doctors and patients to formalise them.

MyMedicare invites people to nominate their preferred GP and practice, in exchange for additional benefits aimed at improving the quality and reducing the cost of healthcare.

Registration opened on 1 October 2023.

It is free, completely voluntary and available to anyone with a Medicare card or DVA (Department of Veterans’ Affairs) Veteran card.

At AHA Clinics, we encourage patients to talk to our friendly staff or their GP about the benefits of registering.

Benefits of registering 

Registering for MyMedicare formalises the relationship between a patient, their doctor and their practice.

It will help many of those patients save money.

Some of the benefits of MyMedicare are geared towards subsidies for phone and video consultations.

Once registered, this funding will allow patients longer funded telehealth consultations.

Patients most likely to benefit are:

  • Older Australians
  • People with disabilities or reduced mobility
  • People seeking treatment for mental health
  • People with chronic diseases
  • People in rural or remote areas without a GP nearby

In addition, from mid-2024, people with chronic disease who visit hospital frequently may enjoy better connections to more appropriate care in general practice. 

And from August 2024, people living in residential aged care homes may receive more regular visits from their GP and better care planning.

Eligibility for registration

To be eligible to register for MyMedicare you must have a Medicare or DVA Veteran card.

You must also have had two face-to-face visits at your nominated practice in the past 24 months.

People living in remote locations need only have had one face-to-face visit in that time.

Anyone facing hardship including homelessness, domestic or family violence is exempt from all eligibility requirements.

Parents or guardians and children can register at the same practice, if any are already registered.

Children under 14 years of age need the consent of a parent or guardian to be registered.

Teens aged 14-17 may register themselves and do not require consent.

Anyone 14 years of age requires their own myGov account to register.

How do I register?

From 1 October, 2023, patients can register with AHA Clinics and nominate their preferred GP.

There are several ways to do this:

  • If you prefer not to go online, ask our staff at reception for a registration form which you can fill out and sign.

Registration is completely voluntary and is only confirmed when both the patient and the practice consent to formalising their relationship.

Patients in residential aged care homes may register online or by completing a form provided by their GP.

Patients unable to register or consent themselves may be registered by a person who holds power of attorney, a guardianship order or by a next of kin.

Changing your GP or practice

Registering for MyMedicare does not forever tie you to a doctor or practice.

You may change GPs within your practice or follow your preferred GP to a new practice if they move.

You may also visit a GP at a different practice at any time.

However, you would need to meet the minimum eligibility requirements before registering a new practice with MyMedicare and accessing benefits.

Data safety and privacy

Information you provide when registering for MyMedicare is kept securely and your privacy will be maintained.

Registration merely records the relationship between you, your GP and their practice and does not store any of your private clinical health information.

You can read more information about how the MyMedicare program collects, uses and discloses your personal information consistent with the Privacy Act here.