General Practitioners at AHA Clinics has updated the cost of co-payments for standard consults from 4 March 2024 to help offset the increasing cost of health care in Australia.

Every effort has been made to minimise the financial impact on patients at AHA, with the increase capped to the lowest viable cost.

GPs have also put off any increases to co-payments for two years, despite significant skyrocketing costs and rising inflation.

We understand that every dollar matters to our patients. So making the decision to introduce changes to our co-payment policy is not something we have taken lightly. 

Why has AHA introduced these changes?

In recent times, all South Australians have felt the financial pinch of increasing cost of living and interest rates.

For GPs and the medical clinics where they base their practices, the cost of doing business has also been growing exponentially – whether that’s Personal Protective Equipment, electricity or the many other essentials that are relied on every day. 

In addition, patients not attending booked appointments also costs the GP team thousands of dollars per month. 

To ensure sustainability and the highest levels of care continue to be met, GPs have been required to slightly increase the cost of co-payments. 

How much is the co-payment for a standard consult from 4 March 2024?

Most patient consultations are covered by Medicare plus a co-payment (also known as a ‘gap’). GPs have worked hard with our finance team to keep your out of pocket cost down as much as possible. The breakdown from 4 March 2024 is as follows:

  • Standard consult: Up to 15 minutes (max. two health concerns), Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm: $30 co-payment (previously $20)
  • Long consult: 15 – 30 minute consult (max. four health concerns), Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm: $50 co-payment (previously $40)
  • Standard after hours consult: Monday to Friday from 6pm, all day Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: $50 co-payment (previously $40)
  • Long after hours consult: Monday to Friday from 6pm, all day Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: $70 co-payment (previously $60)

As is standard practice, you will continue to pay the GP directly with the medicare fee reimbursed directly into your bank account. 

As a reminder, consult payments are automatically debited from your credit or debit card. If there are card or payment issues, attempts will be made to process the payment until successful.

Co-payment exemptions, Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm:

  • DVA Gold Card holders
  • Families SA
  • Patients 65 and over with a Pensioner Concession Card
  • Child immunisations
  • Health assessments, care plans including mental health and GP management plans

Co-payment exemptions, ALL times:

  • DVA Gold Card holders
  • Families SA

We value the relationships that have been built with our patients over many years. We thank you and appreciate your understanding as GPs and the AHA support team continue to work hard to take care of you. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our team via email at