Why medical practice culture is key for doctors

A great culture is one of the key platforms for any business and absolutely imperative for a medical practice.

Bad vibes quickly reverberate through the walls of a clinic into the waiting room where patients will sense the mood. It can permeate in the form of negativity, lack of engagement or dissatisfaction at work.

Medical practices are challenging environments, often with pressure and significant demands, and while most doctors and staff expect that on some level, balance, wellbeing, growth and camaraderie must be prioritised.


How to create a great culture

There are some basic principles we follow to ensure our medical practices boast a superior culture engaging both their employees and patients and reaping the rewards that flow.

Here’s some key factors:

Trusted management – Here at AHA we work hard to cultivate relationships with our people. Our management team works hard to support the morale of our employees and lead by example, showing respect for everyone that works for and visits the clinics.

Great people – Great people make a great business and we take enormous care in recruiting not just talented doctors and staff but also quality individuals whose goals and virtues align with ours.

Values and purpose – At AHA, we aren’t simply a medical practice but strive to make a real difference to people’s lives. Our patients are priority and it is equally as important they understand that.

Communication – It’s critical everyone at AHA is on the same page and striving to achieve the same goals. We understand the importance of communication, whether that be face to face, online or electronic. Ensuring no-one is feeling left out of the loop is paramount to workplace harmony.

Feedback – Transparency is vital for any successful medical practice. Providing honest feedback, be it positive or even occasionally negative builds trust and mutual respect. It also ensures everyone is aware of how well they are performing or what needs to be improved. Sometimes, just a pat on the back is enough.

Recognition – Our positive feedback often translates into reward and recognition. Here at AHA, we think great work should be congratulated and celebrated. It’s the little things like this that put the pep in our employees’ steps and keeps them looking forward to the day ahead. We are continuing to work on this.

Reward – The medical profession is a competitive one but we like to think we provide our employees with the opportunity to make working at AHA a lucrative one. With uncapped earning potential, a full list of appointments guaranteed every day, an incredible practice by the beach and a great lifestyle, we think AHA has plenty to offer!


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